• Dump Access Road (map)
  • 328 Toby Run Rd
  • Danville, PA, 17821
  • United States

One final push...

The Bullet Baby trail needs some love.  It's so close, and yet so far.  If we can get a few guys, girls, some rakes shovels, water and elbow grease on that trail for just a few more hours, I think we can call it a good, productive "Phase II" for Hopewell Park 2015!

We will meet at the back "dump access road" location (if you don't know where that is, use the map connected with this page).  I'll bring my tractor, some tools, and a way to move water to any trails that are still to dry to work on Friday.

If you can bring your favorite earth grading tools ( read: shovels, maybe a wheel barrow, rakes and hoes) I think we can get this puppy done, and into a form that is exciting and the "WOW!" Trail of the year!  When completed, we are hoping to achieve a "roller coaster" type experience for riders.  Hopefully one that they will want to do again and again, and try different lines.


I'll also bring the post work, celebratory beverages (read beer and some hydrating alternative that is non-alcoholic).  I'd love to get together with the rest of "The Band" for one last time this year, to raise a pint, and celebrate another good year of trail work at Hopewell.