Recreation and outdoor advocacy

“The Montour Area Recreation Commission has worked with the Riverside Adventure Company since 2010 to help design, build and maintain our network of pedestrian, mountain bike and multi-use trails in and around Montour County, PA. Dave and the Riverside Adventure Company know that building good trails is as much an art as an engineering project. Dave brings a lifetime of trail use to a project, always keeping in mind the needs and desires of the intended trail users. Though at a fundamental level every trail is designed to connect Point A to Point B, Dave and the Riverside Adventure Company make that connection an experience to savor and remember long after your time on the trail has ended. If you are looking to create a trail that your users will truly enjoy, the Riverside Adventure Company can help turn your vision into a reality.”

— Bob Stoudt - MARC Director - 9/22/15


“A number of years ago, the idea of addressing recreation as a quality-of-life issue in Montour County was broached by a group of enthusiastic people with big ideas. Their initial efforts were not always met with welcome arms. But they persevered, changed minds and, ultimately, changed the face of Montour County. Dave DeCoteau was at the forefront of those changes. Dave was the driving force in designing and building trails that turned Montour County’s natural resources into an accessible, beautiful, inviting place for County residents as well as the many, many visitors who find their way here expressly to utilize the trails and facilities imagined and realized by Dave. From that seed of “what if” planted and later cultivated by Dave, recreational opportunities have flourished in Montour County, and we thank him for his vision, his creations and his unfailing enthusiasm.”

— Montour County Board of Commissioners Trevor S. Finn, Jerry R. Ward, John J. Gerst