• Riverside Adventure Company (map)
  • 100 avenue D & H north
  • Riverside, PA 17868
  • United States


RAC will play some music, run our "Hillbilly Slip 'n Slide" (shown in the photo), Start some fires and make our deck and chairs available based on conditions.  We will have tables out for food and drink, (you should bring some). 


For the past 9 years, a local band of insane people have found a way to get wet on New Years day. It started with the Blue Butterfly ride and dip at Half-way Dam. When organizers stopped running that event, a more organic forms of the event persisted for a few years. River Towns Race Series and Big Earls Bicycle Shop also sponsored the event for a few years. However, increased bureaucracy and fears of liability robbed the idea of any momentum. 

So to make sure a good thing doesn't die, RAC will offer area crazy people a chance to continue this madness! 

Come to 100 Ave. D & H north @ Noon on New Years Day and we'll make sure the river is accessible.* 

We will NOT be charging for this event.

 If you want to contribute, we encourage you to bring food or drink to share with others.  There will be no registration fee or paperwork to complete.  This is simply RAC opening our doors to the Community so that this tradition can continue.  We will also put out a "Donations Jar" in the event that you want to help offset some of RAC's costs for the day, that would be acceptable but not expected or mandatory. 

People that ride bikes, jog, or use other outlandish forms of transportation to arrive at the event will get special mention, love and adulation! 

It's a day about breaking your comfort level.  If you've never done the "polar bear" thing, it can be quite exillerating.  Some people swear that it's the ONLY way to start your New Year right!  We'll let you make that decision for yourself. 


This is an event that needs to be sensible.  There is DANGER in throwing your warm body into freezing water!  


This is a river access.  If the water is high, or unsafe, we may have to cancel.  If Representatives of RAC are not in attendance and giving permission for access, then the event is cancelled.  Do not assume it is OK to use this location until you have determined that this private property is open to guests.  Using the property without permission would be trespassing, and on this day, Owners of RAC will take trespassing seriously.

If you are interested in participating in this really fun, really dumb event, drop us a line using the form below. 

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Please include "Polar Plunge" in our subject
Ask you questions here, let us know you intentions. Tell us who you think will win the Winter Classic Hockey game later in the day. THIS SPACE IS YOURS!