Know what sustains you.

Part of loving the outdoor and feeling like you part of nature is knowing how to produce food.  In our modern world, it seems like we have become completely separated from the core things that have made the human experience an adventure.

For this reason, I feel there is a need to learn and practice some small scale farming techniques that I've been reading and learning about for years.  Gardening is great, and I'll write about that here too, but Aquaponic farming is taking it one step further.  Aquaponic farming uses the nitrogen cycle of fish and plants as a filter of water in as an end result, produces both in abundance.

Earthscapes and Riverside Adventure Company naturally dovetail into this experiment as Earthscapes does lots of work with perishable plants and RAC does work with nature, survival, fish and outdoor adventure.  Having this skill, is useful both capacities.

I'll post a number of photos and short articles about this experiment, and you can comment or potentially talk to me directly about how to begin your own aquaponic set-up.