I like this piece.  I really do.

It covers many factors toward understanding Millennials in the workplace. Simon Sinek dives into these factors in this episode of Inside Quest.

It was published on Dec 27, 2016, and if you haven't seen or heard it yet, treat yourself, and listen to it now.  We'll wait...

My Rebuttal

(to just a few of his points)

Although I believe Sinek does a wonderful job illustrating the landscape that Millenials believe exists, and their philosophical justifications for their responces:  I do have a couple of problems with his solutions.  It's always easy to identify problems; than it is to suggest viable solutions.  The devil is always in the details of the solutions.

- The answer is not to blame companies.  That part is straight-up bullshit.  The goal of a company is to provide a product, and make a profit.  It is not to be parents.  To put it off, to yet another "organization" to fix the spirit, motivations, thought processes of individuals is intellectual laziness.

- I agree, (and have always agreed) that the technology is outstripping the humanity of device use.  We need to have DISCIPLINE.  it's that simple really.  I do many of the things that Sinec recommends in his video:

  • I don't talk on my phone at social gatherings. 
  • I don't charge my phone in the bedroom. 
  • I purposely shut off my phone...sometimes for days: just because I know it's a good idea. 

That's what it means to be a grown-up, and have some self control.  Babies need someone else to control their actions for them.  Are we all babies?

I write far more about my solutions using DISCIPLINE HERE, if you are interested in more.