A friend of mine asked,

"How does anyone see Hillary as Presidential?  I just don't get it."

I have a theory that the winning candidate is a direct reflection of the electorate. By that measure, I believe Obama is actually perfect as an elected official of our time. He truly represents the things we value at this point in history.

I don't think Hillary and/or Bernie have yet met the exact reflection level yet, but they are narrowing in on the goal. We have a nation of children. The majority values the same things children value.

Adult behavior, hard choices, responsibility, doing without, working - all make children cry.

These candidates are AYSO parents with unconditional love. They will tell you that you are special - even if you aren't. They will ask you what you think is fair, and yell at those who stand between "fair" and reality. They will ask you what you want to eat, and assure you that they will make it happen. They think everything you do is wonderful. You own them nothing. Just love them...and the debt is paid.

What children forget is that sometime parents walk away...because they can. Sometimes parents are abusive...because they are stronger. Parents control your life when you are a child...and you have no say at all about your freedom, finances, health, safety...none of it.

I'm trying to help children become adolescents. It's hard, because they get smelly, and hairy and less cute. They get conflicted because they start to see that their childhood beliefs might have been more fairy tales than actually facts. And when they realize that they were a bit "tricked" in the process, and not treated fairly, and not given the tools that will help them live for the next 70 years or so...they get mad. And that's where I want to be.

Then, after we get past that angry stage, we can get on to being adults. I won't say "adults again", because I'm not convinced we were ever "adults" before. Just more naive kids, that knew how to suffer better...but that's a story for another day.