1.   Trust people

Against all the injustices you see in the world: be the best person you can be, and trust that others will follow suit. 

2.   Be Principled  

Do not what is best for you: but what is best. Do this even if it means you personally will suffer. 

3.   Be Kind

To everyone and make special exceptions for extra kindness to friends and family. 

Do these things: and the world will eat you alive. 

People (especially those closest to you) will see your actions as weakness. They will exploit you.  They will use your trust, principles and kindness against you.  They will take things from you: in some cases this can include your life. 

They will do this to their own personal advantage. And they will be rewarded handsomely by this world with money and in some cases "success". 

Those people who take advantage, are the Winners in today's world. The Winners will leave you in the dust.  Winners do not appreciate the qualities listed above. In fact, they don't even understand those qualities. Why bother with those things, if they don't help you get the material things in life you deserve?


Some famous Winners include: 

- Both leading presidential candidates. 
- Wall Street bankers, 
- And many people with fancy houses, cars and all the trappings of success. 


Some famous Losers include:

- Mother Teresa
- Gandhi
- Mandela
- Jesus
- Martin Luther King Jr. 

Which are you?  Choose wisely.