Get lost.


Beat it.

Now is the time for Republicans, Libertarians and anyone who considers themselves even a little bit conservative - to take a break.  Go golfing.  Lay low.  Go "Galt" if you are an Ayn Rand fan.  Here's why.

Voting won't fix it.

Sorry to tell you this fact: but it's just not.  To think change is going to happen thru voting, is the same as wanting to fix McDonalds food, so you sign up to work at the fast food window.  You aren't going to change the machine from the inside.

Politicians in both parties are bought and paid for by the time they get to any level office above maybe County Commissioner.  Above that level, you need to prove to the King Makers, that you will "Play ball" if they invest in you.  They need to know that you aren't going to make waves.  That you can be counted on to "do the right thing" when the phone rings and they tell you what that "right thing" is.

Nope, if we are ever going to see positive change in our system, it's going to have to come from something besides voting.  Not to say you shouldn't vote!  Go ahead and vote your fool head off.  But before you do, maybe you should pull back a little bit, and look at this game from a wider perspective, and REALLY consider what you are doing with your vote (assuming they are counted) before you pull that lever.


Today, Conservatives don't stand a chance.  People are going to vote more and more for the person whom they think is going to get them the most "free government stuff".  Whether that "free stuff" be money or control over your neighbors via laws and ordinances - the population today wants success through influence.  

The notion of having to work for success is over.  The days of telling people they "need to have a skin in the game" or "pull yourself up by your bootstraps"  or "we need to take personal resposibility" are over.  If you say those things as a political candidate: YOU LOSE!   And since these things are the core value of true conservatives: where does that leave us?

Add to this fact the reality, that Liberals, Progressives and Democrats far outnumber Conservative registered voters.  Yeah, I know, "they don't get out the vote as good as we do".  Yeah, that might be right, but there is so many more of "them", that you seriously don't stand a chance anymore when the time comes for counting ballots.  Presently, conservatives don't have a chance with minorities or women voters.  Most of those demographics don't believe in the core values of conservativism.  So why try?  Do you think you are going to change their minds or educate them?  How's that working for you on Facebook?

Let me ask you: Would you play the games in the casino that you know are heavily stacked against you?  If not: why would you play this game, and pretend you have a chance of winning?  It's true, that you do have a CHANCE, but it's so remote, that you will be completely broke before this machine ever pays off the jackpot.  Instead, why not just get another game, and save yourself the money and heartache.  Maybe better yet... leave the casino entirely!

Holding "the bag"

And let's say that you pull off the impossible, and that rigged machine does pay off that jackpot you were hoping for all these years:  does it matter, if the entire casino is broke and closing it's doors any minute?  Do you want to be the guy holding the "jackpot" bag, when the creditors come looking for their money?

Personally, I'd like to be as far away from that game and that casino as possible, when the bank calls the note, and they're coming with padlocks for the doors, and handcuffs (or worse) for the owners.

Defining "the bag"

So what does this next President get with the "casino winnings"?

  1. Debt - Based in a magical mysterious monetary policy that believes we can print all the paper we want, with no damage to our valuation of each unit.  Insane.
  2. Corporate Welfare - It's a problem.  Government protecting certain industries over competition and free trade means worse products at higher prices for everyone.  And that's not getting better, any time soon.
  3. Social Welfare - I lump immigration in here, because no one really cares about immigration - they just don't want to PAY for them.  The unemployment numbers are as accurate as Enron's last quarter filings.  We have a huge problem here, and as globalization and robotics continue... it will get much worse.
  4. Racial unrest - Well, electing our first black President didn't help this much.  What's the next plan?  Seems like the movement is going towards if you are black, you are automatically a victim.  I personally find this very insulting to black people, but this is what I seem to be seeing as the general movement of racial issues.
  5. War - Against a word "terror".  No shape, country or leadership.  Just an unending war against fear that allow us to march into anywhere on earth and believe we have justification, because someone is scared.
  6. Constitutional infringement - Czars, Executive orders, and a legislative branch that does't want to do it's job, for fear of losing elections, are all ways we have been shortcircuiting our system of checks and balances and destroying our protections against goverment overreach.
  7. And, much, much more...

Is this really what conservatives want to try to take over and fix? Do you really think you have what it takes with your minority of voters?  Do you think Trump has what it takes?  Who we kidding here?

So what am I suggesting?

- Judo-

In short, resisting a more powerful opponent will result in your defeat, whilst adjusting to and evading your opponent’s attack will cause him to lose his balance, his power will be reduced, and you will defeat him. This can apply whatever the relative values of power, thus making it possible for weaker opponents to beat significantly stronger ones.
— Theory of ju yoku go o seisu.

In effect: Give up.  Yield.  Take a hike.

I know this sounds cowardly and like quitting, but all of historic warfare would show you that a strategic retreat, is a real and effective strategy for potentially losing a battle: but winning a war.

  • The Hun would attack with far lower numbers, then ride away, only to lure their enemy into places were the landscape gave them and their skilled horsemen tactical advantage.  There, they would systematically vanquish their foes.  This made them arguablly the most effective fighting force (based on the technology of the day) in all of history.
  • American Revolutionaries "fought like cowards" in the eyes of the Redcoats.  The ran.  They hid.  They lured the English into situations familiar to the locals and deadly to the pursuers.  All the while, the Redcoats protested their actions and called them "dishonorable in war".  

How did that taunting and objecting work out for the English?  Seems to me, retreat has been repeatedly proven a valuable tactic.  Seems to me, the Judo based act of using your opponents force against your opponent is clever and successful plan.

Believe it or not, there is a well documented "time for quitting".  Freakonomics did a very informative podcast on the subject years ago.  Check it out if you really want to understand why so many people (and maybe nations) would be so much better off, if they would just allow themselves to retreat, so that they could more quicky get to the next potential success.

3 Judo moves for effective quitting:

Short term loss, for enduring conservative gains.

1.   Give up the Presidency, House, Senate, etc.


Maybe... but hear me out.

If conservatives "walk away"...what happens next?  If you vote for Hillary, what direction does she take the country?  If you vote for all Democrats in all elections: where do they take the country?  

I'd suggest the following predicted future:

  1. Debt increases - Barrack Obama has printed more money and allowed more central banking games than any other President in history.  Why would anyone expect the next liberal Presidents to do anything differently?  This will lead to vertical looking debt graph line.
  2. Corporate welfare increases -  We just call it "renewable investment".  We pick and choose what industries get vast "investments" (read welfare) by the government and the rest have to try to compete without those investments.  In other words, the government completely controls the markets, limiting competition, success and innovation like at no prior point in American history.  Kind of like what Bernie was asking for.
  3. Social Welfare increases - We take care of everyone from here, there and everywhere.  We let in every refugee, without hurting their feelings with things like "screening".  We make unemployment never ending (as these people are obviously victims of greedy business owners).  We increase minimum wage to "livable" levels, only to realize that within a year - "livable levels" have again adjusted upward (based on the new arbitrary level of dollars available).  This punished the working poor most of all, and makes everyone completely dependent on government.
  4. Racial unrest increases - Let honor everyones ethnicity individually with special awards and compensations for their past suffering.  Let's make sure we don't melt together under a common goal of freedom like we have so successfully for generations.  Instead, let's divide into a thousand entitled subgroups (all of which are human constructs - like "race" itself) and pander to each.  That should fix things.
  5. War increases - Every bomb we drop today in the name of "safety", makes 100 more terrorists tomorrow.  So you do the math. Before too long, the U.S. will have to be in every nation, all the time, and support that giant, multi-front war machine with unimaginable amounts of tax dollars.  How did that work out for the Romans and Greek empires?
  6. Constitutional infringement increases - the left will use the short circuiting tools mentioned above to destroy both the first and second amendments of the Constitution.  They will favor feelings over hard facts and make sure our citizens feel safe, as they try to take away the only things that make them safe.
  7. And, much, much more...

Everything increases as the left runs wild with unsustainable, fiscally irresponsible, feel good ideas based in unlimited spending and taxing.  Happy days are here again for those who desire "free stuff"! 

2.   Give up the Supreme Court

Yes, I know: BLASPHAMY!  But hang in there a little bit, Freedom lover.

Did you know, that Liberal Supreme Court Judges side with each other over 90% of the time, while Conservative Supreme Court Judges only side with each other about 70% of the time?  It's true.   The Liberal Judges have historically voted as a block.  Almost no descent between them.  Lock-step.

So what does that mean?  It means that any liberal proposal put in front of a liberal leaning SCOTUS, will be upheld.  This means any checks on government spending or government overreach will be negated.  This means government will GROW at an unprecedented pace under this court.

Add to that, the pace that the Democrats will grow government and the debt once the Conservatives take a powder, and you will see growth of the size of government that would make Jaba the Hut jealous! 

3.   Then: the sudden (maybe silent) explosion

Whether it's the fall of the currency due to crushing debt, or the inevitable creation of another "super-power" or a rogue nuke, or too many "terror fronts" or racial unrest - the enviroment caused by unbridled liberal rule will do for America what it has done for Detroit (and many other cities) for the past 30 years. It will rip it apart.

At this point we (conservatives) come back from vacation.

Conservatives become the party of the next 200 years

  • Want the ethnic vote - suggest personal responsibility.
  • Want the safety vote - suggest a return of the right to bear arms.
  • Want the hungry vote? - suggest free and REAL capitalist markets.
  • Want the oppressed vote? - suggest that being offended was a small price to pay for the freedom of speech and limited government.

Those things we used to say, (and people hated) are now very popular again.

I could go on, but you get the picture.  

I realize this plan could take 30 years and might result is the end of America as we know it today, but does anyone really think we can get to the next level of American success and greatness, pursuing the present path?  Does adherance to the doctrine of either of our two parties really lead to prosperity for future generations?  I don't see it.

I'd rather take a vacation from it all.  Say, "You know what?  You all are correct in wanting free, feel good stuff, and who am I to stand in your way?"  And with that, head for the least connected existance possible for a while.  

  • Make some friends that have similar beliefs and take a powder.  
  • Sneak on to golf courses and play a free hole or two on those pig-dogs of capitalism.  
  • Maybe get on those swelling welfare rolls myself and suck some of that sweet govenment tit.  
  • Stop contributing with my dollars and talents to things that I find morally objectionable and ethically irresponsible.

In short, stop enabling.

Politics today is like a junkie or an alcoholic

You need to let it hit rock bottom, before the victim of the disease sees it for what it is, and takes the steps needed to rectify the situation.  Even if those steps require painful personal sacrifice and responsibility.