AUTHORS NOTE - I’ve written this so many times as social media posts, that it’s time to write it here, and just use a link. This is a “self preservation post”. I have a few others like it. Hope you enjoy.

Like you, I hate the Military Industrial Complex.

Ike was right, t's a huge waste of money, and a threat to our nation. I couldn't agree with him more. However, when people say, "slash their budget!" I have to shake my head, as it's a bit more complicated than just that. People seem to think it’s an "either/or" proposition. They say things like:

“If you cut the military, you could pay more __________.” (fill the blank with any project du jour).

Unfortunately, it's not "EITHER pay for ________, OR pay for the M.I.C."

The M.I.C. ALLOWS us to pay for _________.

Here’s why...

  1. problem is that "money" isn't real.

It's pieces of colored paper and electrons between bank computer screens. That is all money is today, and it's important to understand that it's all an illustion and construct for certain groups to maintain power and control. Since it's just paper and electrons, and both of those things are virtually unlimited on this planet - why doesn't every single person have millions of dollars? They could. There is plenty of supply, demand and production capability. Keep this in mind, as we move to the next point.

2. the M.I.C. allows America to be the most prosperous nation on the planet.

America has been tasked with keeping energy flowing to all nations, for reasonable amounts of money. That's what is most important. If any energy producing nation decides to put a stranglehold on energy, it's over for everyone. No businesses. No heat in houses. No nothing. We are basically back to the stone age. So it's an important job.

So we take on the role of keeping it flowing. We do this, because we have the most mighty military...and all those nations know it. In exchange for us taking on this task, the world agrees to trade in U.S. Federal Reserve Notes. And each time anyone trades with our dollars, we get a little taste. Kind of like a loan shark.

So what happens if someone gets "uppity" and tries to either increase energy prices, or go off of using the dollar? Well, ask Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi.

Most economists agree that if America would ever lose the job of taking care of keeping energy moving, and thereby, lost the privledge of being the World Reserve Currency - the standard of living for every single american would decrease by at least 40% virturally overnight. How would your life look if you were 40% more poor tomorrow?

And if that happened, there would be no one interested in welfare or feeding the poor....because we'd all be the poor.

So, combine the two things I mention above:

1. Money is arbitrary.

2. We are tasked with keeping energy flowing - or we lose about 40% of our economy.

The only conclusion you can make is that the M.I.C. can be any astounding number they choose, as long as it's so big...that no one else tries to catch us. That's all that matters.

It's all an illusion, and a game, to keep our foot on the neck of the world, and thereby keep everyone here fat and happy. If we every lose the boot-hold, things get real in the U.S. Are you personally willing to cut your wages in half to “do the right thing” globally, and risk losing the “vig” money we charge the world? I didn’t think so.

Being righteous is one thing, feeding your kids is another. When it comes down to that choice, most of us put away our “morality hat” and worry about getting ours.