This is a powerful thing.  Don't watch it, if you want to feel cozy.  It's not gross, or full of profanity, or shocking in any way: except that it's real and it could show you that everything you think is true...isn't.

I feel like this is our next step forward.  I realize that most of us are presently nowhere near this path: but if feel like if we are honest with ourselves we can see that this path is logical, and that our present path has historically lead to nothing by misery.

I feel like this country is great because some really smart, visionary people took a giant leap of faith 240 years ago, and said, "How about we write some papers that help people be more free from the boot of government?"

I don't think those folks ever intended that idea to be the be-all, end-all step in the evolution of mankind.  I think they just saw it as a first step toward a more free man.

I feel like since that time, we have taken strides forward in many ways. I think we are starting to see through some of the things that have caused a ton of human hardship throughout our short time as a species on this planet.  But I feel like we are still refusing to admit this one basic, foundational fact: Government is violence.

When we start working on that puzzle, and look for ways to take the next step into the next level of becoming truly free, objective, loving beings - only then do we get to reap those next level rewards.

Until that time, we will stay in this cycle of worry, fear, violence, submission, and hopelessness.  It's a cage of our own making, but one we can remove ourselves from at any time we choose.