In some conversations, expecially conversations about politics, Trump, and past administrations, I find myself using a metaphor that seems to work nicely as an illustration of my position.  Hopefully, you will understand my point, and you will consider the point carefully when considering an "argument" about people, teams, parties and why people choose the things they do.

If I want to eat chicken, I have a couple of choices.

  1. I can go to a barn, grab a chicken with my hands, cut off it's head, pluck it, gut it, and cook it. It's messy, but I'm not afraid of messy.
  2. I could go to the super market, and get an already dead chicken from a factory farm, that I didn't have to kill, pluck or gut. It will be under plastic, look nice and clean and shiny, and it will have a little kotex pad under it, so I don't have to witness any of the offensive body fluids that might ooze out of the dead bird.

Both ways, I'm getting a dead bird.  

From the chicken's perspective, both of these things are equal. But from the non-chicken perspective, all that changed is the amount of insulation between what is really happening, and what is the final...and equal product.

  • In one scenario, there is connection, personal responsibility, some mess and some work.
  • In the other scenario is insulation and a bit of dishonsty in the name of mental and physical comfort.

Can you tell me why you think one is better than the other? Which dead bird do you want to eat, and why?