To follow up on our texts from earlier this afternoon, please find attached to this message the property deed, as well as another deed and a subdivision map called out in the current deed.  There may be other documents we’ll still need that I haven’t realized, but these give us a good start.


As additional information, I learned the following today during my visit to the Montour County courthouse:

•             The parcel was most recently purchased in 2017 for $975,000

•             the courthouse recognizes the parcel as 412.79 acres.  However, in looking at the auctioneer’s flyer, I see that the auction will include other, smaller parcels (identified on the flyer by their tax ID#).  I didn’t realize we’d need to find those deeds until I saw the information on the flyer.  I’m committed for work all day-long tomorrow and Thursday, so I won’t be able to get back to the courthouse until Friday at the earliest.

•             for taxing purposes in Valley Township, Montour County, the parcel’s tax ID # is 8-33-251.  This is one of the tax ID#s listed on the flyer.


On the positive side, the package of lands and other variables in this deal will likely make it unattractive to novice, marginally interested buyers.  On the downside, we can’t possibly do our due diligence in time to bid with full confidence on Saturday.


I’ve provided this information to my contacts at the Northcentral PA Conservancy and The Conservation Fund.  They, in turn, have contacted The Nature Conservancy to see if we might be able to strike a larger deal if we can in some way ‘marry’ this parcel with the existing Geisinger Stewardship Forest.  I have a follow-up conference call scheduled for this evening to see if this might be even theoretically possible.


I think that’s all for now.



map file 1097 2003.jpg