The Trace Adkins/Bear/Red Hat Lady dream

Someone upstairs decides it's a good idea for Trace Adkins to ride a grizzly bear out to get his award. The bear does one of those kind of sideways runs that they do, right on cue, and heads toward the podium. I'm thinking, "Hey, that's kind of cool. Maybe this isn't a bad idea after all." But it turns out that the front row of the audience is full of Red Hat ladies, and the grizzly was just running because he thought the hat with the biggest feather was lunch. So the bear immediately bridges from the stage to the front row table, leans down (to the dismay and panic of all) and efficiently takes off the head (hat and all) of the nice lady. Having realized his mistake, the bear then gnaws off the hand of another red hat lady that tries to help. 

I'm supposedly in charge of this show, so people are running over yelling, "WHAT SHOULD WE DO! WHAT SHOULD WE DO! ITS LIVE TV!"

And all I can think to say is, "Well it was a bear, so...?"

*Dream Analysis* :

Here is what I think:

The stage - I'm back stage watching this. That means that I think I have a certain level of clarity on things from a vantage point that lets me see how things work.

The audience - That everyone. That's life. That's the people that are watching the show.

The Red Hat ladies - Those are the fancy people. The ones that are slightly better than the rest and think they have a pretty good grip on things, because they have some money in a bank account somewhere. But they are really just older ladies, is kind of funny hats.

Trace Adkins - This is the most perfect casting in a dream sequence. He's a guy I don't even know, but I know he is kind of a big deal. He must be, because look at all the people that came to see him get an award. He represent celebrity or cult of personality. He's a politician or some other seemingly powerful person.

The Bear - is the inevitable. It's chaos. It's reality. it' has no remorse. it's a bear. It does what bears do. it could have been a honey badger - because it don't give a shit.

The guy upstairs - That's the real boss. Old Trace thought he was a big deal until the phone rang and this guy told him to get on a Grizzly bear. So what did big-shot Trace do? He hurried up and climbed on the back of a killing machine. Old Trace had been convinced by the guy upstairs that any "award winner" would surely have this under control and that there was nothing to worry about.

The guy upstairs also took me out of the play. Me and the rest of the crew figured I had this thing figured out, but with one call from the big guy - a bear was put into the mix.

*NOTE* - notice that the phone caller is never seen. He just calls. He's far away.

So when this shit goes down, I'm now a specator. I'm not scared of the bear. I understand the bear. Truth be told, I kind of like the bear.

And as Old Trace figures out he's been had, and the audience bleeds, I just kind of stand there with my arms crossed watching it all add up perfectly. I seem to be the only one in the building that is not surprised and paniced.

Bears do bear stuff.