I admire a lot about asian cultures. The history and respect and tradition and discipline and honor. I find all those attributes intoxicating. They've figured some stuff out in their millenias of existence.


America is just a baby. Two and a half centruries of real "history". We packed a lot into that short time period: that's undeniable. But like a kid or a puppy that grows that much, that fast...might there be side effects?


As is the present national pass time, I was reading some information about other cultures, and how they have dealt with violence and murder in their cultures. As expected; Japan is an amazing example. They have nearly eliminated crime altogether. Their numbers are ridiculously low.


The piece I've linked is longish, and maybe a bit dry; but in it, is some really good, really reflective information. I'm sharing it with people more interested in finding solutions, than spouting doctrine.


What I found particularly interesting is the following line:


"Perhaps the most important reason the Japanese voluntarily accept disarmament is that their government does the same. After the disaster of World War II, war was perceived as an unmitigated horror, and the army was abolished. In a top-down society such as Japan, when the government disarms itself, it creates a powerful moral climate for citizens to do the same. Needless to say, a disarmed military and police are not likely in the United States, and neither is voluntary compliance with gun control."


I think this is worth discussing. Japan's government (admittedly involuntarily) led by example. Their country disarmed...and then the people disarmed. Hmmm?


Today, they are one of the most advanced, technological and peaceful nations. Granted, their take on human rights and many other issues would be unacceptable by western standards, but pick your battles and prioritize.


So what do you really want? What is America really about? And is our "wild west" murder rate worth the other trade-offs that cultures with low crine rates had to adopt to get there?