Welcome to my brand.  Here is the idea, where it came from, and why it's needed:


To place hungry, full grown lions in towns and cities around America.  

Oh, and they're protected, so if you hurt them...you go to jail.

The folks at "More Lions" believe that if we are successful in our mission: American culture can be impacted in meaningful ways for the positive.  

How it works:

Scenario 1

Q. "Hey Bud, what do you think about climate deniers?
A. "Fuck that shit man, there are lions outside on the street!

Scenario 2

Q. "Can you believe that baker wouldn't make the cake?"
A. "Dude, what cake?  There are lions on the street out front!"

Scenario 3

Q. "Did I tell you about my superior empathic diet, and latest crossfit session?"
A.  "No, but I'm really hoping it helps us get out of this lion infested town!"

Why it works:

  • #MORELIONS helps us focus.

  • All topics can be filtered for importance through the razor sharp lens of hungry lions.

  • Might we be more loving and less judging of others, if every day we needed to work together to avoid being the lunch of a giant, golden, furry, killing machine?  You betcha!

The Logo:


We created More Lions brand because it is:

  • graphic

  • simple

  • provocative

We wanted a simple way for people to say/show that they support the idea of less bullshit subjects and being offended, and pretend victims; and more focused discussion of REAL subjects.

Research and Development:

We asked some people what they thought the brand meant.  This is what they said:

  • "We are...Penn State?"

  • "You hate Christians?"

  • "Be a predator in life?"

  • "Screw the poor?"

  • "Detroit fan?"

With the exceptions of the sports team connections, I think it's fitting that many folks immediately connected the image with something they would personally find offensive.  

We are looking for ways to be offended... always... and the lion logo illustrates that fact.

And what was especially effective and functional about this image, is that it triggered a lot of folks who normally accuse other people of being "Snowflakes".  

Apparently, you're a snowflake if you get upset about transgendered folks, but not if you get upset about personal erroneous fabricated connections between the logo and Christians being eaten by lions.

So, the brand is an equal opportunity offender...and We like that.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 4.05.09 PM.png

The Clothes:

  • These clothes aren't special.

  • These clothes aren't fashionable, or smart or trendy.

  • These clothes aren't any better or worse than any other clothes.

Because...neither are you...so get over it.

When people see you wearing your More Lions brand, they will ask you about it. 

When you explain to them what it represents, they will nod their head in agreement, because regardless of politics, age, race, creed or color - they also know that people are presently full of shit and talking a bunch of useless nonsense.

They just didn't know (until you showed them) that they could make that statement, with just one little logo, on a not special piece of clothing.

When you see the lightbulb, just look at them and say, "You're welcome."


Tyler Durden, Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemmingway, Gandhi, Elon Musk, Jesus, Mike Tyson, Margret Thatcher,  Leonidas of SpartaMulan, The Lorax, Brittany Spears in the Toxic video, Buddha, Hunter S. Thompson, George Hayduke, Conan the Barbarian, and all the folks who couldn't endure the mean, petty nature of some people in this world.
*special mention, Joe Rogan podcast.


More Lions! means cutting the bullshit in favor of cooperation.  Less bickering over nonsense, and more working together to fight the bigger common problems that really need our focused, objective attention.

MoreLions description.jpg
Eventually we realized that only the Work Shirt represented the vision.

Eventually we realized that only the Work Shirt represented the vision.


We are producing t-shirts, work shirts, oxfords and hoodies so that people can sport their membership in our clan of no bullshit people who just want to be left to live our lives.


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