I have been around for a while: but still have a long way to go. I've seen a lot of things in my time, but nothing really unusual.  Sure, there have been some fires, some warm summers, and some tough winters that seemed to go on for ever...but we all know that's just how it goes.

There was one curious day though.  It happened some time ago.  Darnedest thing.  One day, these things showed up in the morning, and started crawling around my base.  For a good bit of the morning, they just went about their business of eating and drinking and having babies.  But as the morning continued, they started buzzing around more.

They started cutting my trees down and making little arrangements out of them.  The trees grew back, and they'd cut them down again.  They used some of my rocks to make long thin lines on the ground that pointed out into the distance.  They drilled tiny holes into me, and took some stuff out.  Sometimes they put stuff back in.  Like fireflies: they learned how to make things glow and how to fly.

By lunchtime, there were pretty many of them.  All of them hustling around, like they had a plan, and really needed to get something done.  I didn't see the point to all of the activity, but they seemed to be having a good time.  To me, it all looked a little silly: but what do I know?

More cutting, building, eating, drinking, babies as time went on.  Once in a while, they would set off some firecracker-like things.  Those things seemed dangerous.  Each time they set them off, a lot of those little creatures seemed to perish.  But apparently, it was worth it to them, because they just kept setting them off.  Again, what do I know?

Later that day, they were gone.  All the activity stopped.  As quickly as they rushed around to do whatever it was they were trying to do: those things disappeared.  Wonder what they were trying to do?  Curious little critters.  But what do I know?