The boys are back!

The size of Team PA Pestilience again DOUBLED in 2016.  From two people in 2011, to four people in 2015, to eight team members in 2016.  It seems like the word is getting out about RAGBRAI in the northeast, and people want to be part of it.

Because we were an all male team this year, the trip had a decidedly male flavor to it.   Here is what I mean by that comment:

  • More beer drinking than in past years.
  • Less "getting off the beaten path".  This group was fairly direct.
  • Not as many words.  I'll leave that comment right there.

This is not to say that we weren't diverse as a team.  We had the following dynamics:

  • Members from all over Pennsylvania
  • Ages from 13 years to 63 years.
  • Occupations from I.T. to school teachers, to students, to sales, to construction.

Some notable phrases (that may become inside jokes over the years):

"All good looking hookers are police."

"It's all about the money."

"KYBO backsplash is an epidemic that must be addressed"

"Where's Larry?"

"Hairball is the best band ever"

"Shake It Off, is the best song ever"

"Rick Springfield is the angriest man ever."

I really enjoyed the ride this year.  Yes, it was different, but they are all different.  That's what is great about RAGBRAI: it's never the same trip twice.

Take a look at the video and photos below.  If this seems like a trip that might appeal to you, you can push the button at the bottom of the page to get the next upcoming trip details, costs, and to reserve your spot.