A visual RAGBRAI week

There is a lot here to see, read and experience.  Grab a beverage, and meander through our last RAGBRAI experience. It's a great way to see just one of many ways to do RAGBRAI.

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Day 1 - Drive from Riverside to Start City in Iowa (Davenport in this case)

Night 1  - We realize that we might be in Kansas

The first night was a little rough.  Kicked out of camp by cops as a big storm approaches.

Day 2 - Cross Iowa transport

Get your gear and your fanny on the bus and get to the start town and get set-up.

Day 2 - Start Town

So after you arrive at your start town, and get unpacked, you have some time to get to know Iowa.  Here are some photos of our first evening.

Day 3  to Day 7 - Hitting the road

Finally!  All the gear is arrived.  You got a good night out on the town.  And now it's time to ride!

RAGBRAI offers so much to see and do in all the different towns, that it's almost overwhelming.  From the magnificent to the corny to the obsure to the obvious.  And participants can choose to do the entire event exactly as they see fit.

Spend lots of time in each town, or simply ride fast each day between start and finsh towns - or mix it up each day.  It's entirely up to you!

Here you will find some of the things we saw and did on the RAGBRAI ROAD:

Early week


Weather was generally "good".  In RAGBRAI terms "good" equals 100°± and about 98% humidity.  A few rain drops, but nothing to complain about.


Still hot and humid (but that is just a given).  We are in the full groove of the experience now.  Smelly, sunburned, tired and loving it!

We hope you enjoyed our 2012 photos of RAGBRAI.  

After looking at the event, we hope you have a more clear picture of the flavor, feel and demands of the ride.  I am comfortable saying there is nothing else quite like it.  It's not a 'BUCKET LIST" item for nothing.  

Comment below if you enjoyed, hated, or have questions about RAGBRAI.

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