Montour Counties publically accessible lands are disappearing.

  • Since 2015, Montour County has lost 55% of what was previously “lands open to the public”

  • Another 14% is listed as “endangered” - meaning it might be gone within a couple more years.

This is a dire situtation…unless you are a county in a race to the bottom. In which case, please proceed to use every square inch of land without consideration for the future.

As another info source, you can find Montour County’s Natural Heritage Inventory report at  It will provide some useful supporting evidence for the need to conserve this property.  However, please know that it doesn’t identify any particular threatened or endangered species we might use to bolster our case.  Rather, the site is important because of the size of the relatively undisturbed forest in the larger landscape.  As cool as the population of lady slippers is from a locally significant perspective, I don’t believe it’s going to be a show-stopper for potential developers.

Helps us preserve the Geisinger Ridge north side tract.

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