NEW WORD (and series): "VUNK'D"

It's the morphing of "Voting" and "Punked". It is used for the times when you think your vote counts for something: but you are just being played for a fool.

Previously, I've discussed things like redistricting, and primary order, and the Electoral College. All are great examples of being Vunk'd.

But when I mention these things together, people kind of glaze over, because cognitive dissonance hurts monkey brains. How could all the "free elections" stuff you have been taught since you were a kid, be false? No way your parents filled your head with lies and nonsense...right?

So from this point forward, I'll post the examples of being Vunk'd individually, as they happen. That way, no one gets overwhelmed and bored with your own disconnect.

INSTALLMENT #1 of "Vunk'd: Delegates and Super Delegates.