Want my vote?  

Why can't someone just say it like it is in this election cycle?  Instead we get so much, "I'll make jobs!" and "I can fix that" and "this is unfair, and I have the solution."  Isn't it obvious by now that if someone ACTUALLY had the "solution" they would have implemented it?

All you need to do is be honest about these six phrases below - and you get my vote:

1.   "There will be no recovery."

This simple fact needs to be said, and said often.  To not say it, is a disservice to every American.  And to blatantly lie and say there will be a recovery or rosy economic future: is downright irresponsible.  

Here is the reality:

It's very complex, and we could get really deep in the weeds here with graphs and charts and economists and trends, but for the purposes of this article, I want to stick to the most basic level.  I hope you do your own research and draw your own conclusion about my claim here.

BOTTOM LINE: Politicians have been making trade agreements for decades now so that you can continue to trade colorful pieces of printed paper for cheap plastic shit from overseas.  And since the 1970's, it's worked pretty well.  The standard of living in America is far above any other place in the world of comparable size.  For that fact, we say, "Thank you policy makers."

However, nothing is all "upside".  The downside is that those agreements and advancements in transport and technology, have been creating a truly GLOBAL marketplace.  And that means now you workers have to compete with all the workers of the entire world.

That isn't the worst thing.  The United States has generally enjoyed a relatively high level of education and job skills and training (see illustrations).  This means, most of you whom possess marketable, skills will do fine.  Compared to all workers of the world, GENERALLY, workers of American stack-up pretty well.  BUT, there is this one tiny thing: people that just have manual labor skills or skills that are mundane or people that don't have a lot of education, will be competing with people from around the entire world with those same qualifications.

This means that low skilled workers no longer have the luxury of being able to just ride the wave of prosperity, based on geographic realities that make getting workers elsewhere inconvenient.  Based on treaties and trade agreements and tax structures and improvements in transportation and technology - there is absolutely NO REASON for a company to stay in the United States and be milked by inferior labor and fees - when it can simply, inexpensively locate somewhere else in the world.

This means that you may think you're a,  "Great American worker.  Envy of the world"  but in reality, that is false.  You are just a worker, on the exact same level (or maybe even a little lower) than anyone in any third world country...anywhere.

And guess what... it will just get worse.  As these third world countries become more profitable, they will increase their education infrastructure, and eventually the entire advantage held by the United States for so long now will completely disappear, and even our most advanced and educated workers will also be at risk of losing their jobs to cheaper (but superior) foreign competition.

Based on that fact, there will be no recovery for the less skilled worker...ever, and the wrting is on the wall for the rest of us.

This realization of no recovery leads nicely into...

2.   "This is the new normal"

When the lines intersect, we can get back to business in the U.S.

When the lines intersect, we can get back to business in the U.S.

The United States is on the path to "also ran" status. And that's a bit predictable. We had about 250 years of unbelievable pillaging of our natural resources, which resulted in unprecedented growth.

But as other nations embrace capitalism, and their level of prosperity grows faster than the United States, the equilibrium will begin to happen.

Sadly, the equilibrium will not be, "Everyone comes to United States level". It will be we move down, and they move up, until we are competitive on the world stage again. That "leveling process" is going to be painful for us.

But there ain't going to be any Superman that comes along and saves us from it. That's what "Global economy" means.  That's why these politicians have to stop making these false promises.  The fact that they make them means either, they don't understand what is going on, or they are opportunistic liars that are playing you for a chump. Neither of those qualities is going to be part of a good, new leader.

But hey America, your loss is the rest of the world's gain!  So if you are truly compassionate, you will be OK with the idea that one middle class American suffer a bit, so that 5 impoverished people in third world countries can improve their lot in life.  Right?  You're OK with this...right?

3.   "We are the government and we have only three tools: print, tax, or bomb."

Render unto Caeser

Render unto Caeser

All three tools are theft.  

One robs you of the value of your money, the next robs you of our actual money.  And the third robs you of everything you have...including sometimes your life.

When the entire system is based in a foundation of violence and theft, how do you as voters think your giving us these special powers (that you don't personally possess) will ever end in solutions that are good for humans?

4.   "The dollar is backed in confidence only."

Slicker than gold.

Slicker than gold.

It's amazing to me that most American's don't know this fact.  It happened 46 years ago, and still American's don't have a clue.  It's the basis for every dollar you trade every second of every day of your life to earn - yet most of us don't even have a concept of the reality of money.  So I'll try to teach you what schools don't. I'll tell you what you are trading your life for:

Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1972, and at that point the dollar became an unbacked or fiat currency.  Some called it the "petro dollar" because it was theoretically backed in the confidence that America, and the American military could keep enough turmoil and unrest in the middle east, that this valuable commodity would continue to flow, unrestricted, with no collusion by organizations like OPEC.  The collusion can't happen when all the oil producing nations are at war, and need the money to buy arms (from the United States) and they refuse to agree with each other.

America has been pretty effective at using our massive military and intelligence networks to accomplish this task, and we have been rewarded handsomely for our efforts, with percentages of profits skimmed off of each oil sale.  This is an almost endless flow of profit to the United States, because it's mandatory that all oil transaction be traded in dollars.  Nice deal.

So when you see obscene numbers in our United States budgets for military, comfort yourself in the fact that those numbers are tiny compared to the endless flow of incoming money to the U.S. based on our cut of each oil sale to every single nation on earth.  Without that "money for nothing", for the dollar being the world currency, I'd venture a guess that America would have been bankrupt years ago.

We are presently in a shift away from "petro dollars".  Apparently, that gravy train is starting to look like there is an end in sight.  So without boring everyone with all the details, I'll again request that you do your own research on the latest shift in dollar backing.  I can assure you, it won't be a big subject in the media or in schools - so again, you are on your own to learn.

5.   "All immigration is good for America"

"I will build a fence and keep them out." ~ D.T.

"I will build a fence and keep them out." ~ D.T.

Overall, immigration is a HUGE net positive for the United States.  Even the illegal ones benefit America.  I realize this statement will make certains peoples blood boil, but that's only because you don't have the same amount of first hand experience with this situation, as I have.

I've written about this in great length, based on my years as an employer of hispanic workers for my landscape business.  You can read about my experiences and my award winning opinions on this subject here.

The problem isn't "illegals", it's crooked American bosses, and our welfare system.  

We as a country need to be clear about what we really object to, and how the situation can be systematically addressed.  Get back to the promise of the Statue of Liberty, and make legal immigration a real and economically feasible prospect for those who what to come here to work and better our nation.  At the same time, disincentivize those who want to milk us dry (regardless of how long they have lived here).  That is your solution.

6.   "We are the problem"

  • You need to tell me that YOU... THE CANDIDATES are the problem.
  •  You need to tell me that WE THE VOTERS are the problem.
  • You need to tell me that we are getting the government we deserve.
  • You need to tell me that no SUPERMAN candidate is going to be able to swoop in and fix things.

Watch this video at right.  I picked it, because it's not party specific and it was one of the shortest of many posted on YouTube.  As long as voters are satisfied to remain ignorant of even the basics of our system, we are doomed.

The two party system in conjunction with the media (who they own via corporate sponsors and campaign donations) pick the winners before the people even get to vote.  (If you believe they even bother to actually tally or count the votes.  I'm not convinced). 

The election process in the United States is 100% corrupt.

The very first step is CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM.  I may write a complete post on this someday, but for now, I'd suggest that running for POTUS is no more than a job interview.  You have a resume.  Put it out there, and let people look into what you have done to this point in your life.  It's the age of the internet.  Let people look it up.  If they don't bother to look it up, they get less weighting on their vote.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE DETAIL ON HOW THIS MIGHT ALL WORK.

So where do we go from here (since no candidate is going to say ANY of these things?

If you want to read about how I think we might be able to start addressing this problem in 2016, your can read my REVOLUTIONARY post on this subject here.

It might be a little dated in regard to the candidates names, but the theory and concept can work with any candidates.  We as Americans need only strive to do better, and allow ourselves to realize that we are not powerless to bring real change to America.