RAGBRAI - "RAPTURE" - Team Pestilence experience


RAGBRAI - "RAPTURE" - Team Pestilence experience

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Our Fully Supported, all inclusive package

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"Rapture" all inclusive support of biblical proportions!

  • Half day less overall trip time (no crack of dawn first day)
  • No driving or driving related costs/fatigue.  Leave that to us.
  • Cross-Iowa shuttle with the team.
  • No set-up of camping gear or schluffing gear around.  Outfitter SET-UP/TAKE DOWN FOR YOU!
  • Coffee and bagels for breakfast.
  • Mid-point SAG support (rabble free) some days, depending on route.
  • Beer, wine, water and soda each day IMMEDIATELY post ride.
  • Showers and towels - no lines, no additional cost, no waiting.
  • One day laundry service.
  • Dedicated and secure Cell phone charging station in the evening.
  • Experienced Outfitter staff available in camp. Including basic bike tweaks.
  • Air fill-up without lines/waiting

*PLUS* -  All the planning, transportation, and logistics offered in the "rabble" version of the trip.  100% leave all the details to us!