An open letter to Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul.  

You say you want a revolution, well now's the time fellas.

History gives you a unique situation.  Below is a plan and a strategy.  

So do you have what it takes to strap on a set and grab history by the horns?   I'm not sure you do...but I sure hope so.       

"We need to work this out, Bro."

"We need to work this out, Bro."

The Landscape

I watched most of the Republican Debates and the first Democratic Debates.  As I watched in disgust, I realized that only two of the candidates were offering anything that was outside the typical "lesser of two evils" dynamic I've seen all my life.  And I'm not going to compare political "outsiders" to those with careers in politics.  You can be an insider and never hold office, and you can be an outsider, and be in politics for an entire career.  I find these labels presently being used erroneous and misleading.  Trump is about as "inside" as you can get.  He's made his living understanding the dynamics of corporatism and the unholy aliance between corporations and the state.  To me, that makes him as inside as a person can be.  Rubio and Cruz are also ultimate, Washington insiders.  They just think and behave like insiders.  Hilary, do I even have to say it? Her name alone SCREAMS insider.  Not to even get into her bank contributers and past President husband.

People know it's broken.

Both sides.  All people.  Everyone is looking for a Superman to come in and make some of the common sense changes in a Constitutional way.  Sadly, no one in the "chosen" field of candidates is going to give the American public that option come election day.

I think Mordor is a pretty accurate image for the present American political landscape.

I think Mordor is a pretty accurate image for the present American political landscape.

Present situation


You use your "closing remarks" at the debates almost exclusively to talk about the "revolution" you think is needed.  "A coming together of people" as you called it, to change the pardigm of our nation.  To rebuild a middle class and end corporatism in America.

I agree with you, Bernie: a revolution is needed.  But first let's be honest about where things stand for you today:

Evil Sith Lord.

Evil Sith Lord.

Bernie, you exist as the trained monkey of the bourgeoisie, Debbie Wasserman Shultz who is simply using you, as a tool to make her girl Hilary look less Socialist.  Deb figures if she stands Hil up next to you: old Hil, looks almost centrist!  That's why you exist.  That's why the Democrats have allowed a self-proclaimed Socialist who ran as in Independent, to campaign under the Democrat banner.

When Debbie is done with you, she will toss you aside.  Maybe you'll get some sympathy job under the Hilary administration, but it won't be much.  Those better jobs, are already all spoken for by Hilary's real friends in the corporations and banks with deep pockets for her campaign.  These are the same people you claim ot be against, but whom you are actually helping achieve their goal.  Don't hold your breath waiting for an invite to Chapaqua or the Hamptons after the election.

After the election, you can take your communists and socialist and hippy chicks and Occupy radicals and hit the skids.  Debbie, Hil and the DNC all know that polls show that over 50% of Democratic voters have said outright that there is no way they will vote for a self-proclaimed socialist.  But don't you see?  That's the beauty of it!  That is EXACTLY the reason they chose you.  That's why you are the guy!  (Well, until after the election at least).


Principles get you "legend" status, but not the Whitehouse.  Sorry Ron.

Principles get you "legend" status, but not the Whitehouse.  Sorry Ron.

Your dad basically reinvented the word "Revolution" in his last campaign for President.  How did that work out for him?  He kind of got marginalized - didn't he?  I remember watching as they changed the rules - Right on national TV - at the RNC event to deny your father the nomination, that he actually had earned...before they changed the rules on him.  Remember that?  I bet you do.

So you got an idea that you thought was kind of clever.  You figured, "Well if dad fought the Republican machine, and they marginalized him: all I need to do is play ball a little, and I'll get the green light!  And then after I get in, THEN I can do some of the Libertarian stuff I really want to do.

And I'll be honest, I kind of liked that plan too.  Seemed like you had some of the strategy the old man didn't have time for in his campaigns.  Seemed like you had a little more guile and savvy political sense and a tad less principle for principle sake.  And I get it.  If you don't win: what good is running?

How's that working for you?

Poster child for the phrase, "Sell-Out".

Poster child for the phrase, "Sell-Out".

Seems to me, the Republican machine is doing the exact same thing to you, that it did to your father.  Neither Fox News or CNN even include you in their poling numbers.  I see more news items that are entitled, "When will Rand Quit? than "How is Rand doing?"  Trump says you don't belong on the stage with him.  I could go on.  But I guess the question will always remain: Did endorsing John McCain and throwing your dignity out the window for your strategy work out the way you had planned?

Seems to me, that strategy just killed the base of libertarian, anarchist, tea-party and non-neocon conservatives that your pop basically handed to you.  Maybe that crew wasn't much, but at least they got dad higher polling numbers than you are getting today and a "principled legend" status from small government folks.

Playing by the rules

Fellas, do you think revolutions are neat little affairs that you petition the government to approve?  Do you really think revolutions happen within the system you are rebelling against?  Right now, you are the only two candidates who use the word "revolution" in your speeches, writing and rhetoric.  But I have to wonder; do you really know what that word means?  And more importantly: do you have the stomach to actually make one happen?

How you both presently find yourselves in the hands of your parties.

How you both presently find yourselves in the hands of your parties.

Or are we "playing revolution"?  Bringing back the nostalgic idea of power of the people?  Allowing people to dream (if even for a second) of a world that includes real choices; and not just the dance you are presently engaged in performing.

You know what I say is correct here.  You see it and feel it.  We all do.  But the big question is: are you prepared to DO something about it?

Bernie and Rand, each day you spend under the banners of the red and blue parties: are days you are working against yourselves.  

Your respective parties are NEVER going to let either of you get anywhere near "contender" status. You aren't going to get equal air time.  You aren't going to get fair polling numbers.  You aren't going to hold a candle to the money the choosen ones will collect.  You are both presently raising money and legitimacy of the two parties who will gladly receive it - and use against you.


1.    Quit.  

Quit in your head now, and you can both announce in your next debate, in front of a huge audience.  Derail the entire show.  Steal the spotlight.  Blow it up.

2.    Unite

Unite under a party of your choice.  Be it Green, or Libertarian or whatever you like.  I'm sure all of them would love to have you over whomever that have now, who will get them 1% - 2% of the vote if they are lucky.

3.    Wait

The other two parties will go through their girations.  In the end, it will be Hilary on the Democrat side, and either Trump, Cruz or Rubio on the Republican side.  All of these people can be beaten.

You mislead a little bit.  It's politics.  People expect it.

You mislead a little bit.  It's politics.  People expect it.

4.    Partnership

Announce to the world that you have an arrangement whereby each man has given his word to only be President for 2 years.  At the end of the first two years, one will resign, and name his V.P. as the new President.  That President will then appoint the past President to the V.P. spot.  Never been done before, but it fixes the, "Who is V.P/Who is President?" question in the eyes of voters.  In effect, you will BOTH be President.  This allows you to collect many more votes than you would without the arrangement.


The establishment will be rocked by this strategy.  A Sanders/Paul ticket would give people the option of a team of people with similar policies on war, corporate welfare, and the rights of the citizens (individuals) above the state (collective).

Opposites can sometimes produce perfection.

Opposites can sometimes produce perfection.

Furthermore, you both support the following:

  • Audit the Fed
  • Flat tax style tax structures
  • End of Corporate welfare
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Reduce military budget
  • Reduced Government interference in lifestyle topics

You work out the rest.  You talk.  You convince each other of political and economic policies as you believe them to be true.  You support each other in your 2 year terms.  

The parties wouldn't take this lying down.  This would be one hell of a battle.  But that's what revolution is.  It's taking things in a different direction.  Hopefully making compromise, in order to achieve a better overall situation for all.

I could go on with more reasons why you should do this, but here is the most important part...


How does that sound to you boys?  WINNING!  

This present bunch of nimrods are WEAK!  SO WEAK.  It's embarrasing that you havent won already.  Look at your enemies:  

Do you see anyone here who should be President more than you two?

We all see it.  Democrats, Republicans and Independents all can clearly see that there is NO ONE shown above who is a viable leader of this nation.  We all know it.  Why don't you?

We all would hold our collective noses, and vote for a Sander/Paul ticket, if it meant that each of you would have a shot at the big chair.  If your ticket meant you both had two years as POTUS (as my plan outlines), I think this is a SLAM DUNK!  LARGEST MARGIN IN HISTORY!  MANDATE!

Call it what you will, but I'd call it REVOLUTIONARY!

This is YOUR TIME.  

You get a shot at this RIGHT NOW.

Will you be REVOLUTIONARY enough to take it? 

If you stand by and act status quo, you are going to get status quo results.  Is that what you want?  If not, then let's do this!  Get your big boy pants on, and let's shake it up a bit.

If you like this plan, and you want to take this to hoop, I'm your man.  Give me a call.  I'll be your Karl Rove and we'll show people what it actually means to "Make America Great Again".

Paul/Sanders 2016

Sanders/Paul 2018