Bloomsburg to Danville package
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Quiet.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.  Historic.

This paddle trip is "right sized" for so many people:



  • Long enough to get a good river experience.
  • Not so long that it is outside the conditioning of most paddlers.
  • Typically, smooth class 1 water, with only seasonal exceptions. 
  • No portage sections
  • No logistical vehicle considerations
  • Safe and enjoyable for people of all ages

Start and finish location:

100 Ave. D & H north
Riverside, PA 17868

Just show up at the day and time you specify in the form below, park and we will shuttle you and your gear to one of our two start location.  You finish at our location, pull your boats on shore, and walk about 50 yds to your vehicles. Easy!

 11 miles of quiet, class 1 water, in which to relax, talk, and enjoy being outside for a half day.

11 miles of quiet, class 1 water, in which to relax, talk, and enjoy being outside for a half day.

Bloomsburg launch locations: 

  The Rupert covered bridge .  

The Rupert covered bridge.  

  The Bloomsburg Town Park

The Bloomsburg Town Park

The location in Rupert is next to this historic covered bridge and allows padders to first enjoy a section of the beautiful (and also class 1 water) Fishing Creek.  At the put in location, there are calm pool, rock formations, a rope swing, and usually groups of locals swimming (as this is one of the favorite area swimming locations.

The second location is the Bloomsburg Town Park launch.
This location allows for plentiful parking (if that's a factor), and direct access to the Susquehanna

We have two launch locations because the river is a dynamic situation.  Other groups, traffic, construction, river conditions, etc can all factor into our decision of launch locations.  R.A.C. staff will try our hardest to honor your preference of launch locations (if you have one), but in the end, that decision will be at the discretion of the R.A.C. staff.

River Section Features:

  • Quiet.  Not many roads or power boats, so it gets quiet.
  • Peace.  A slow, flat water paddle is good for the soul.
  • Time.  To talk or not talk.  Your choice.
  • Flora. Lots of trees, flowers and fresh air to breathe.
  • Fauna. Eagles, beaver, ducks, song birds, and fish to enjoy.
  • Historic. Rail road bridges, Canals, old Indian encampments.

R.A.C. Finish Location:

Getting finished paddling and simply wandering up the bank to your car, is the best way to finish a paddle trip.  But if you need more adventure packed in your day, our location is just a short walk to the Historic train station Shade Mountain Winery location, Heeters Ice Cream and diner, the Muffin man coffee shop, Danville's Old Forge Brewing Company, and lots of shopping both in Riverside, and across the River in Danville.  Feel free to leave your car in our lot, and wander.  Better yet, bring some bicycles (or rent some from us) and continue your adventure by bike!  So many great things to see, do and explore in and around the Riverside Adventure Company!

Bloomsburg to Danville package
from 35.00

Our most popular trip.

4 - 5 hours on the water

Includes personal floatation device and paddles

Includes shuttle for parties over 4 paddlers

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