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You should know a little about our program and how they differs from others - in order to make the best selection possible. 

EARTHSCAPES I.P.M. program is a more soil-oriented approach to lawn care.  Our program “backloads” the nitrogen.  In other words, the nitrogen is applied in the fall.  We believe that if you have good soil; you will have good grass.  Other programs use nitrogen to keep grass plants green and growing in the spring and summer.  EARTHSCAPES delivers the same amount of nutrients, but in a more plant friendly way.

Compare "Spring Loaded" programs to Fall Loaded programs:

Fall nitrogen oriented programs

Most lawn nourishment provided at ground level in the fall.

- Grass plants looking for food in spring will send roots deeper.

- Grass plants are less susceptible to summer drought damage and disease.

 - Spring growth is more controlled, reducing clippings and stress to the turf.

CONCLUSION: Fall loaded programs are better for turf and the "most honest" choice for recommendation to clients desirous of good turf, at best costs.

Spring nitrogen oriented programs

Most lawn nourishment provided at ground level in the spring.

-Since the food is at surface level, grass plants will grow more shallow roots in order to compete for the available food.

-Shallow rooted grass is more susceptible to summer drought damage and disease.

-Grass grows so quickly in the spring that clippings, fungus and weakened grass plants can become an issue.  Good for turf companies/ bad for turf clients.


The all important "expectations"!  The difference in life between being thrilled and being disappointed.  A proper understanding of turf and factors surrounding this art/science can help you effectively set your expectations for your property.  Enjoy!

1.   Question: "How long does it take?"

Answer: We usually say, "One season".  That means approximately one year from your program start date, would be a good time to look around your yard and determine if your results are to your expectations of the program.  If they are: WONDERFUL!  If the are not: it might be good time for a phone call or discussion of some type.  Perhaps you are in the wrong program, or perhaps we need to take another look at the site, to make sure we are getting everything right.


2.   Question: "How come I still have some weeds, when I know you are spraying my weeds?"

Answer: Most all lawn products promise around an 80% effectiveness ratio.  That means, a client or application person, can expect to call the application a "success" if 80% of the existing weeds are killed in the process.  Now, that might not seem like a high enough percentage for your liking, and that's understandable.  But everyone has to realize that there do exist factors that might effect results.  A wind gust, a sneeze, a mixture that is less than perfect, a hose full of one product that isn't the desired product, a mechanical malfunction.  These are all things that can, and have happened over our 20+ years in the business, and will likely happen again. It's a human business, with many environmental variables.  This effects results.

But be optimistic!  If we get 80% of your weeds in year one of your program, and then 80% again in year two of your program. by year three you only have 4 of the original 100 weeds in your yard left!  That's pretty incredible.  And after year three, you have only one weed left!



3.   Question: "How come my neighbor and I get the same program, but his yard looks better than mine?"

Answer: This is one of the BEST questions!  We get to solve a mystery!  Usually, we can solve the mystery pretty quickly and pretty effectively, as it's usually one of the following problems:

  • There is something unseen under the soil - large rocks, plywood, chemicals, etc.  We can test a bit and figure this out.


  • There is a difference in mowing - One or the other neighbor is cutting too short, or too often, or not often enough or in bad conditions.  Generally, as a rule of thumb - you want to mow at around 3" in height, and you want to cut on good weather days, and you want to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass blade off at any one cut.  We realize that this is optimum (and maybe not always realistic) but it will make a big difference in the appearance of you lawn.  The #1 way you can defeat the lawn program Earthscapes provide for you: is with improper mowing.  It's just that simple.


  • There is a diffence in site conditions - Shade, roots, slope, and compaction can and will effect your soil conditions and your turf quality and health.  Solutions are available for all problems - but sometimes costs need to be weighed against solutions - and reasonable decisions made accordingly.


Using this philosophy, we have created individual applications and lawn care packages that will achieve different results. You can chose applications “a la carte” or as part of a package.  The following briefly describe desired results of each of the packages:

Bronze – This package is a maintenance package.  That is, if your lawn is healthy, weed-free and attractive, we may recommend that you use this program as a way to trim costs.  It is not designed to be a long-term solution as it does not include some services or nitrogen levels that are vital to long term turf health and appearance.

Silver – This package is an industry standard for long-term health and appearance of turf.  The five applications will provide optimum nutrition and cover most common lawn problems that may arise.  If you want a great looking lawn at moderate cost, this is your program.

Silver+ - This is the Silver program, but with the added benefit of a mixture of new products, that show enhanced effectiveness in controling difficult lawn pests like Ground Ivy and Wild Ginger.

Gold – This package is for clients that want to achieve the ultimate in lawn health and appearance.  This program combines our 5 application Silver program with two cultural methods of keeping the soil loose, moist and fertile.  *NOTE* - This is also the right choice for new lawns that need to be properly established.

  This image above shows the services offered in a typical turf season. The right side illustrates which applications are included in each "package" program.

This image above shows the services offered in a typical turf season. The right side illustrates which applications are included in each "package" program.

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