Bloomsburg to Danville package


Bloomsburg to Danville package

from 35.00

Our most popular trip.

4 - 5 hours on the water

Includes personal floatation device and paddles

Includes shuttle for parties over 4 paddlers

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4 Easy steps to book your trip!

Step 1 - Select your boat

This means that whomever signs for the boat is responsible for the boat, gear and any people in the boat with them.

Step 2 - Fill out the form

This will mean you have read, understand, agree and have signed our waiver.  It also means that you have provided contact information, and the names and any pertinent information as requested on the form.

Step 3 - Add to cart

Once you have yourself, or a person in your party registered, you can add them to your shopping cart.  If you will be registering other members of your party, go ahead and register them in the same way you registered the first person in our party.

Step 4. - Check out

Once you are finished entering all the people you want to enter, you can then push the "checkout" button on the page, and pay one time for yourself, and all the people in your party you registered.


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